Newspaper Advertisements

Planning to do some local marketing and branding in the newspaper?

Newspaper advertisements are not the first choice for small business advertising.  They used to be, but those days are gone.

However, you still can make money advertising in the newspaper...

Yeah, I know, the newspaper isn't what it used to be for doing small business advertising.

Fewer people are reading the paper and seeing newspaper advertisements.  More people are getting info on line, on Pads and Pods, and on their smart phones.  Speciality publications have also cut in to the time spent with the newspaper. 

Yet, we have found that some people are still very passionate about their newspaper.  They are proud of it.  This is especially true in smaller communities.   It also is true with ag based papers. 

We encourage our clients who have the budget, to reach out to these people.

But you can not just plop a newspaper advertisement in front of their face and expect results.

You need a strong headline that gets right to the point.  You may want to use an attention grabbing picture.  And you'll need a magical message that defines your business and inspires the reader to act.