TV Advertising.

"Hey...the commercials are on", my wife says to me because I'm the one holding the remote for the TV, so it's my job to zap past the ads. But, oops, I fell asleep at the wheel and made her suffer through the first few seconds of a local TV ad. So I point the remote, and woosh...we bypass the ads. 

Zapping past TV ads didn't used to be possible, but now that it is...the way we watch TV has changed. 

Plus, today many portable devices let you watch your favorite you don't even need a TV.

Question: Is local TV an effective way to do Small Business Advertising?

It can be. But you'd better run an ad that makes people say: "Wait, stop for a second, I want to see that ad. I love that ad."

And it's more than just being's selling the consumer to buy from you when they see your ad. By the way, that is harder than hell to do these days...but with a good strategy...many things are possible.