Selling Skills

During my customer service training, which I call "Hero Boot Camp", I educate and inspire employees to be Heroes to customers.

All employees who go through the Hero Boot Camp learn effective selling skills as well as the "10 secrets for turning customers into life long fans!"

I also share a true story of a lady named Cheryl, who drove an Alamo Rental Car Company bus.  

Cheryl impacted my life in an amazing and powerful way even though I was only with her for 9 minutes!

The story brings both laughs and tears and shows how even the lowest level employee can make the common feel uncommon to the customer!

As a professional speaker it's my job to help employees realize that customers are actually the ones who give them a paycheck.

Additionally, I go beyond selling skills and help your people reestablish meaningful goals in their lives. If their "why" is strong enough, they'll be hungry to learn what else is needed, including good selling skills.

Want inspired employees...employees that customers think of as "Heroes"?

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