Sales Seminars

I write for people who don't want to read.  I produce ads to touch people who hate ads.  I design my sales seminars for people who don't like going to sales seminars.

When doing customer service training and sales motivation, I find that the people who need my help the most are the ones who want it the least.

My sales seminars are unique


I've spent decades using the media to get the public to buy products from my clients.  My job is to get the disinterested public interested in buying.


In my role as a professional speaker, part of my job is to teach those  who are hungry to learn.  But I also need to reach and teach those who would rather be somewhere else than in a seminar.


I touch their heart by sharing true stories of customer service heroes.  I use video clips that make them laugh, and sometimes cry.  I share facts, figures, and the raw reality of job security.  Toward the end, I play specially chosen music to set the mood for looking at their life, and their goals.

Sales seminars must inspire ALL of your people to be better! 

Not just those who are sitting there like sponges waiting to absorb.