Strategic Marketing

Advertising Strategies

Success flows from your business strategy...local marketing and branding, product selection and pricing, procedures, the way your staff does their job...all of it.

For Wal Mart the strategy is huge selection and low prices. For Nike its motivation. For Apple it's innovation. For my client who owns grocery stores, its "better meat at better prices".

What's your business strategy?

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Brand Strategy

Creating a brand strategy comes down to admitting who you are and who you are not.

Oh, and if you are going to do effective local marketing and branding you also need to take your competition into account.  Who they are and who they are not.

My strategic marketing session does all of that and more.

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Ideas for Business

Getting ideas for business is as crucial as a space traveler getting oxygen.

When Walt Disney needed money to keep his dreams alive, he would gather people in a room to brainstorm. Ideas to solve Walt's problems were captured on note cards and tacked to the wall.

I call my version of Walt's concept: "Idea Juice Brainstorming Sessions".

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